Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Marx Family

The Marx Family 2009

Our family (I'm guessing you care if you're reading this) is doing really well! No really, not much sickness around here YET. . . I know, I know, I just jinxed us. Healthy winter=Happy winter for moms:)

I bet you didn't know we are now a family of 6??? Yep, since our return home from Utah in December my sister Malisa has been staying with us. She is, hands down, the best listener, shopper, babysitter, teaser, makeup "doer," friend, aunt, sister, fort builder, bather, . . . anyways the list goes on--but she is my favorite teenage daughter:) Wink Wink! Just kidding mom--she's yours and YES you should get all the credit for getting it perfect on your last kid:) Because she is truly A'mazing!

We are currently applying for jobs--across the USA. Yes it's true--well, at least the whole left side. WAY WAY left (San Diego---ahhhh San Diego). Craig graduates the third week of May--THIS MAY! I waited a long time to say this, and still it seems like a total joke--but we are moving on in life--no more school?? That just seems like tossing aside an old friend after all these years:) NOT going to miss that old friend.

Moving along to the bragging portion of our blog. . .

Niyah said "da-da" first. She's just copycatting her brother and sister--younger siblings tend to this a lot. Since though--her new babble is "BUH--BUH," as you can see she's already learning all of her letter sounds. When we say "what does the "b" say?" She says "BUH, BUH". . .I think we have a genius on our hands:) Heh Heh.

Niyah taking a bath--she LOVES to "alligator roll" in the tub.

Dallin (baby) Creighton Shirt--This is size 2T--can you believe he got it on--or better yet that he argued "it still fits me!"

Niyah's usual facial expression--she's helping me fold laundry--LOVING how warm it was. (Look how light her hair is).


Right--he made his own "to-do" calendar, funny:)

This is a prime example of the unexplainable things my hubby does with our kids--you might guess Niyah was cold. Nope.

A jumble of photos--
Hartney Has Hair:) Hooray!! She loves purple and pink, eating cheese and meat, and to cut paper.

Niyah loves to be doing things--around crowds, on walks etc. This is our happy camper on a day warm enough to walk.

Dallin and Hartney were going on a special date with daddy--to play basketball at the church, so they thought they needed to wear "workout" clothes. Funny! AND Craig earned boo-koo brownie points by taking ALL THREE KIDS ALONG!!!! It was sooooo quiet I didn't know what to do with myself. . . . . . I napped:)

This one is a sideways--sorry,
I'll learn how to fix that another day.



Tyler, Jenny, Makenzie, & Jordan said...

Hooray for an update!! I've been wondering how you and your family has been doing! You sure do have some cute cute kids! Good Luck with the job hunt. Call me sometime so we can chat some more! Loves, Jen

janabigelow said...

Thank you for updating! I have been waiting to see what you have been up to! What a cute family! I am totally jealous that you all are almost out of here! We will have to get together before you leave!

Ster and Jen said...

Hooray for you finally updating! We have been on pins and needles just waiting to hear about you guys. Obiviously not anxious enough to actually call you though. Just kidding. We love to hear about you guys. Actually (Dallin), your kids are all so good looking. Good job on that Crystal!

The Pedersen Posse said...

Congrats on being almost done with school. How fun to be searching for a job. Good luck! You're kiddos are adorable! I can't believe how much they've grown.

Holly said...

It is about time you updated!! J/K I can't believe how big they are all getting. Isn't it weird to think when they started school we were kidless? Crazy! Keep us posted on the job front. Your words are so true about school ending, it is a weird feeling. We should find out next week if we will be going to CA - maybe we will see you in San Diego! We would be up north, but not too far of a drive! Let's get these kids together soon!

Kim said...

I love your family photo, it is really cute! btw thanks for the treats, they were gobbled up before the end of the day!

Mamalissa said...

I was so excited to see the new post! All of the pictures are so fun. Niyah's hair does look pretty light. We miss you guys and are rooting for a job close to us.
love, Melissa

p.s. Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

Becky said...

I just love group hugs! Try to apply for a job in PRICE!

sparkle brightly said...

I also what to tell you how beautiful your blog backround is! Did you make your own backround?

sparkle brightly said...

It doesn't look like my first comment posted.

Yea for you that Malisa is staying with you. I totally agree she is AMAZING!

I am excited that you started a blog and we can keep in touch. I love seeing pictures of your family and knowing what your up to.

Do you know of any other family members on the Hoopes side that blog? I just know about you.

I love, love the look of you blog too!

Love ya,
Holly Hoopes

Palmer family said...

I LOVE the new post! Way cute pics of the family! I love the workout outfits picture. I was busting up!
We have a big temple picture...sorta like yours. Ours is the SLC temple...I am guessing yours is the St George one? Travis gave it to me 2 yrs ago for Christmas and informed me 'it is an everything present'----for Christmas, Mothers Day, Anniversary, Bday, etc. I loved it sooo much and had been wanting it so I was fine with that! Ha.
I am assuming you are moving this week? GOOD LUCK. I'll be thinking of you guys.
We HAVE to see eachother this summer. It is a must!
Miss ya!

Tasha Alycia said...

Crystal! I'm not sure how often you check this, by the date of your last post not very, but I just wanted to say HI!! What a sweet, adorable, family you have!!! Glad to see all is well!!!

Mike and Jocelyn said...

Crynst I just found you and was so excited please update!!!